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      Student athletes given a choice

      The Dougherty County School Board held a special called meeting Friday to discuss a problem that stemmed from the school closures and re-zoning decisions.

      Several student athletes and students that participate in other Georgia High School Association extracurricular activites expressed their desire to stay in the school they were at and on the teams they were on rather than starting on a new team at a new school.

      The principal of Monroe High School said this is important because students form connections with their coaches and its not fair to take those away. He believes by letting them stay in their school and on their respective team, they will also do better academic wise.

      Interim Superintendent David Mosely agreed; he said these students look up to their coaches as role models and their teammates become like family and letting them stay is in the best interest of the child.

      This rule only applies to 10th and 11th grade students; the seniors at each high school were already granted permission to stay.

      If they do choose to stay Mosely says they will have to provide their own transportation.

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