Strive2Thrive honors volunteers, partners

Ausha Jackson is coordinator of the Strive2Thrive program in Albany / Ashley Knight

The Chamber of Commerce held their Rise and Shine Breakfast Wednesday morning, which highlighted the Strive2Thrive initiative and its contributors.

Strive2Thrive helps motivated individuals who have found themselves in poverty by placing them in a program that helps break the habits that keep them in poverty.

The program is nearly two years old and has had a great impact already.

After graduation, families are placed with volunteers to help support them on their journey out of poverty.

"We've had 36 families to start our program and 33 to actually go through the 16 week curriculum called 'Getting Ahead' and graduating into circles. So we've got a 91% success rate," says Coordinator Ausha Jackson.

FOX 31 will be partnering with Que 4 Kids in their barbecue contest. 20% of the ticket sales that Strive2Thrive community supports make will be donated to Strive2Thrive.