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      Strive 2 Thrive graduates going in circles

      A Strive 2 Thrive graduate tells her story.

      Eight Albany women are celebrating after graduating from phase one of the Strive 2 Thrive program.

      Family and friends surrounded the women as they made this milestone Friday night.

      Strive 2 Thrive helps lower income Albany residents learn how to become self sufficient and map out a plan to achieve their goals through purposeful community connections.

      From this point, the graduates will move into the phase two ~Circles TM mentoring program which lasts for 16 weeks.

      It just means really a second chance for me and my daughters. I never thought that I was going to get in this program and when I did I was excited right off the bat, said Ronnasha Thompson.

      Strive 2 Thrive officials say they're condensing their 16 weeks 'Getting Ahead' sessions to 8 weeks in order to reach more families.