Stray bullets have Albany residence on edge

A stray bullet hole in a front window. / Sean Streicher

Around 1:00 AM Sunday morning, 20-year-old Dominique Henderson and 25-year-old Brenton Hailstock were riding bikes on the 800 block of Holloway Street in Albany.

A grey car pulled up and began shooting at the men, striking Henderson in the foot. He was transported to for treatment. But it's the stray bullets that have residents worried.

One bullet went through the front window of 69-year-old Cora Henson's house, flying over the chair she was sitting in not 30 minutes prior.

"I was sitting right there were you sitting but I had got up and went in the bed, cause if I was sitting where you sitting they would of shot me through the head", said Henson.

After the close call with the stray bullet, Henson says she's ready to move out of the neighborhood.

Another bullet struck a house up the street, and had neighbors ducking for cover.

"I heard that bullet and I knew it had hit something because I heard pew and I went down across the bed and then I laid there for a while", said Catherine B. Seigler of Albany.

Residents say it's not uncommon to hear gun shots in that neighborhood, but this is the first time they can remember a bullet actually striking a house. The grey car where the shots came from is still at large, and the case remains open.