Strategy discussed for child safety

School safety as we enter the 2013-2014 school year remains a constant conversation. / From file

Offenders who are convicted of preying on children around schools can be a sensitive topic for most parents. At the annual, "School Safety Conference" in Columbus, officials spent time reworking their plans for different scenarios, with one aimed at just that.

"We've seen cases where there have been teachers involved, and so we want to make sure that we are doing things behind the scene to make sure that our own personnel, or people in our local communities are not being of any harm to our students," said GEMA Spokeswoman, Brittany McAlpin.

That process began by giving educators and law enforcement officials the chance to see into the mind of these individuals, and gain a better understanding of what they might be dealing with. Attendees were also informed that no community is completely safe, and that these issues can happen anywhere.

"There's no community that is immune from any of these kind of issues, these issues happen in big cities, they happen in medium sized cities, they happen in very small cities. So all communities should be taking steps to be ready to respond to those kind of incidents," said Area "D" School Safety Coordinator, James Westbrook.

And to make sure that your community is safe, school officials hone in on one word.

"Practice, their recommendations and their plans. Not just have them, but to practice those plans. Because what specifically may work for this community may not work for a different campus," said Westbrook.

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