Stranded without cell phone, what to do?

Knowing how to react if you're stranded without a cell phone. / Jessica Fairley

Wednesday alerts went out all across the state of Georgia for a two missing kids who were allegedly taken after their mother's car broke down.

The mother claimed a man who stopped to help them drove off with her children when she went back to her car to get her purse.

Authorities say the children have been recovered, but local officials say in the event of your car breaking down always err on the side of caution.

The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office says if you don't have a cell phone to put your hood up, turn on your emergency lights, get inside your car and wait for help.

"Roll your window partially down good enough to speak. Pass out a note with someone's phone number on it and ask them to call them for you. It doesn't hurt to wait. Law enforcement will stop," said DOCO Sheriff's Captain Craig Dodd.

Captain Dodd advises against ever getting into a car with a stranger you don't know.