Stow, stow, stow your boat properly for winter

Huggins Outboard or Power Sports Plus can winterize your boat or jet ski for a fee and have it ready to go in the spring / Ashley Knight

With leaves turning a rusty brown, boaters are hoping the same doesn't happen to their seafaring vessel.

"Condensation builds up in the cylinder walls and that rust forms and once that forms, it can cause damage to the cylinder wall itself," says Bubba Revels with Huggins Outboard.

That's why winterizing is so important before stowing your boat or wave runner for the next several months.

Ethanol, found in gasoline, can be very harmful to the engine on your boat or jet ski. That's why experts recommend you flush it with a stabilizer and run your engine for about five or ten minutes.

A little prevention now can go a long way in saving you a lot of money down the road.

Both Power Sports Plus and Huggins Outboard can perform winterization on your watercrafts for a fee. You can also get a full winterization package that will have you all set to go in the spring, once the leaves turn green again.