Storms roll through the area and leave a mess behind

A waiting passenger captured the damage.

Rain, lightening, and strong winds blew into the area Tuesday night causing damage to structures around town. A few locations were hit hard and are evidence of just how strong the storms were.

Chunks of metal littered the front lawn of Southwest Georgia Regional Airport today. The sheets were ripped from airplane hangars during Tuesday night's storms. William Revill was inside of Harvest Kingdom Jubilee Ministries when the roof was ripped off. "All of a sudden we heard this bomb type sound and came outside and the roof was on the ground and it was lightening" says Revill. "When all of a sudden a lot of rain and water was falling on the inside and it just kind of pulverized the place."

Members of Harvest Kingdom Jubilee Ministries and Airport officials say they're hoping to have damages repaired soon. However right now their main concern is getting everything cleaned up.