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      Storms leave a trail of damage in Irwin County

      Update 04-08-14:

      Folks in Irwin County are still picking up the pieces after Monday's storm.

      The National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado touched ground south of Ocilla.

      The storm was the strongest near the end of its 2 mile damage path. Original 04-07-14:

      A path of damage has been left behind in Ocilla after severe thunderstorms rolled through Southwest Georgia Monday afternoon.A home on Poppy Road in Ocilla suffered damage, while a line of trees fell in front of the Giles residence with a shed completely torn away.3-year-old Grayson Giles told FOX 31 that she hid in the closet with her uncle and when everything was done, her playground was blown away.A trailer next door was moved two feet off of its cinder blocks and the roof was gone.David Gray says he's been in storms before but nothing like the one today.He says the rain sounded like someone was pouring buckets on the windows. That's when he hid on the closet. Gray says the rain was so heavy that he didn't know it was a tornado until everything was over.The National Weather Service has not confirmed that a tornado has touched down in the area, but they are looking to send a survey crew in Tuesday.Have pictures from the storm today? Send them to with a location and time.