Storms cause an early morning mess

Photo Credit: Chuck Stillman

UPDATED (10:35 AM):

Mayor Reuban Hawkins says that after Thursday night's storms, the area "looks pretty bad, but we are thankful that no one was injured."

The Bronwood Road Supervisor and City Clerk, Davina Davila told FOX 31 that she was out since 4AM and thinks that it will take a couple of weeks for the town to return back to normal but only a couple days to get the roads clean.

She also adds that there are no roads closed. There are a lot of farmers and other residents helping in the clean-up effort.

If driving in the area, be careful. Don't stop and look, just try to avoid all areas with debris and be mindful of workers.

Want to be a volunteer? There are a lot of elderly residents with trees down in their yard. People can contact the Bronwood City Clerk at 229-995-5708.


Thursday night thunderstorms caused Terrell County residents to wake up to a mess on Friday morning.

Friday morning, residents in Dawson, Bronwood and Sasser woke up to multiple trees and power lines down; many people woke up without power.

FOX 31 spoke with Georgia Power who confirmed that there are about 400 people in the area without power.

The engineering supervisor, Henry Everson, says, "Bronwood saw the worse" damage and has the most power outages.

Thirty Georgia Power employees are working in the area and hope to have the power back on by 7 PM.

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