Stores stocked for back to school rush

Back to school deals starting. / Jessica Fairley

In less than a month, kids will be closing out their summer break and entering a new year of school. Stores are now stocking shelves with school supplies to make sure they have the tools needed to kick-start the year.

Before school doors open, most teachers will already have in mind the contents inside each student's back pack. Not because of extrasensory perception (ESP), but because of the school supply list.

Scissors, paper, pencils, and crayons are some of the items on Cathy Morey's school supply list. She's on a mission from her church to find school items for children at Jackson Heights Elementary school and folks at target say their store is stocked for the challenge.

"We had about 23 pallets worth of stuff that was delivered from the distribution center in Tifton," said Dawson Road Target Store Manager Andre Brown.

Even with constant shipments, he's amazed at how fast the items are going. To keep up, he says stockers will be working around the clock to make sure supply meets demand.

Stores aren't only stocked up for K-12 students; they also took into consideration those taking on higher learning. One shopper says she had to start somewhere.

"My son is starting college and I haven't got a clue. So I came to look and see what they might have," said back to school shopper Rita Wukoson.

She says you can't go wrong when buying the basics.