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      Stores stock up on seasonal employees

      Inventory isn't the only thing stores are stocking up on this year. Studies show seasonal hiring is at its highest level in the past five years and shoppers say they're buying into this new trend.

      "I've gotten a lot of easier help and I've spent a lot more money because of that help," said Annette Scott.

      Experts say over 625,000 people will add a new seasonal job to the list of things they're thankful for this holiday season. Stores like Kohl's, Amazon and Wal-Mart have added more than 50,000 employees nationwide and shoppers say they think it's to prepare for the giving season.

      "This is the time of the year when the stores start really looking incoming sales," said Benny Porter.

      Companies like the Albany Target, who hired 30 extra sets of hands, say the increase in hiring is in preparation for an increase in spending.

      "All of the companies have kind of strategized together and come up with a plan knowing that they're going to have a higher increase of sales. They wanted to be prepared and come equipped with extra employees on staff," said Executive Team Leader, Julia Yarbrough.

      Shoppers aren't arguing with the decision -- in fact, they say the more, the merrier.

      "Everybody's looking for deals and everybody's looking for special sales so when you have something there and you really want to find it, it's good to have there to help you to tell you if it's coming back in stock or where you can locate it if you can't find it," said Racquel Perez.

      With Black Friday already in full swing earlier than normal and the sales getting bigger and better, the stores say thanks to these new faces they'll be ready to handle the demand.