Stopping allergies before they start

Heavy pollen season for southwest Georgia. / Jessica Fairley

When driving down the streets of southwest Georgia, there's no doubt that spring is here, but just as there's an abundance of floral blossoms there's also the thick presence of pollen.

"It's way more than the usual. There's no doubt that with the mild winter, we're in for a horrendous pollen season," says Charles Rouse Jr., Owner of the Medicine Man Corner.

Medical professionals say they're diagnosing all kinds of allergies but there's relief.

"We always wash our hair and wash our hands to stay clean but nobody ever thinks about washing their nose. And you can do that, not by putting soap and water in your nose but you can use nasal spray like saline nasal sprays," says Charles Rouse.

There's also a trick for those coming down with fatigue and water eyes.

"Whenever someone takes a B-5 once a day, they're probably twice as resistant to pollen as they would be without b-5," says Rouse.

And people aren't the only ones allergic to pollen. Animals are suffering also

"Where we're sneezing and coughing the dogs are itching, scratching and chewing themselves. I've been seeing a lot of dogs coming in with red skin even hair loss from them pulling out their hair," says Liz Sechrist, Owner of the Dog Spot Groom-N-Shop.

She says medicated baths are a great way to provide aid for your pet.