Stop the Violence taking to the streets

Bishop Frederick Williams and Sheriff Kevin Sproul address the Dougherty County Commission / Ashley Knight

Bishop Frederick Williams, who started the organization 'Stop the Violence' after his sister was brutally murdered, says more needs to be done in Albany.

He is organizing a community march that will begin in three points in Albany, and will end at the government center on Pine Avenue on Saturday April 21st.

Williams has enlisted the aid of local non profits and other policing agencies such as the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office.

"I really believe God's appointed a time for you, me, and everybody else and you have that small window of opportunity and if you don't take that opportunity, you're going to lose it," says Sheriff Kevin Sproul Monday.

The march will begin at 10:00 a.m. in North Albany at the Thronateeska Heritage Center, in the South at the Civic Center, in the West at Friendship Baptist Church and in the East at the Shackleford Shopping Center.

There will be speakers and free food at the Government Center beginning at 11:00 a.m.