STOP the violence is marching with a purpose

Two community organizations came together to draw attention to several issues that have plagued the Albany community for years.

Marchers walked with a purpose from four locations throughout the city to the Albany Government Center.

Marcher Bommie Anderson says "ever area of the city converged at the same time and I think that was the most powerful expression of unity blacks, whites, hispanics coming together."

David Blackwell with the Taking Authority says all the issues we spoke of today with crime, poverty, and the family,we think if we came together for whatever reason to issue biblical unity and get together racially it will improve all of those issues.

Building a better community was the message that was broadcasted by numerous speakers. Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard says it's time to say stop when it comes to crimes and violence.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard says "we can do a lot about those things in terms of the neighborhoods and the neighborhood watches. If we can get people really involved in those, we can stop a lot of that by knowing who neighbors are and that's one of the thing I'm advocating."

Numerous organizations were on hand to listen to the message and help officials spread the the message of change for a more promising future.

This is just of first of many events to come on from stop the violence.