Stone announces reelection campaign

If elected, it would be Stone's 7th term on the commission

Dougherty County's current longest serving commissioner is running for reelection.

Jack Stone announced his plans to run for reelection in District 6 Monday morning. If elected, it would be Stone's 7th term on the commission. He has served District 6 for 24 years. He says he wants to see projects like Wal-Mart and issues like consolidation finished. Also top priorities are jobs and crime.

"We gotta get something done about the dope in this city, in this county," Stone said. "That'll help the crime situation and get people back to work. That'll do more for it than anything I know of."

Chairman Jeff Sinyard and Commissioners John Hayes and Chuck Lingle are also up for reelection. Sinyard announced his plans to run last week, Lingle is stepping down, and Hayes has yet to make an announcement.

Qualifying for local elections begins April 26 and ends at noon on April 30.