Stolen gator returned back to safety

The alligator that was stolen from the Flint RiverQuarium Thursday has been safely returned home.

/ Franklin White

UPDATE (11/26):

Last week, a man was charged with theft after he stole a three foot alligator named "Nubs" from the Flint RiverQuarium.

Now, the City of Albany has released the surveillance footage showing the man walking through town in broad daylight with the alligator.

From one view, you can see the man walk down the hill next to the building after he scaled the wall to steal Nubs.

With multiple people around, he then walks down the street with the alligator around his neck -- but was later caught after someone reported seeing him with the gator.

Nubs is now back at the RiverQuarium but is being quarantined for 30 days to make sure he didn't catch any illnesses while outside of his habitat.


The alligator that was gatornapped from the Flint RiverQuarium Thursday has been safely returned home.

The little gator named "Nubs" was stolen from his exhibit when an unidentified person climbed over the wall and into the aquarium and stole him.

The Flint RiverQuarium caught wind of the crime when witnesses spotted someone with a gator.

When the suspect caught wind, that person dropped the animal into the river.

Flint RiverQuarium workers were able to bring the gator back - where it is now secluded for the time being.

Executive Director, Tommy Gregors says, "due to the fact that he was out in an uncontrolled environment and an untested environment he'll have to stay in quarantine for up to 30 days to watch him and make sure he's still healthy and didn't bring anything back in."

The gator was not harmed.

No word on who the suspect is.

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