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      Still no decision on split of LOST funds

      Lee County Board of Commissioners debate over LOST funds.

      Negotiations continued Monday evening on how Local Option Sales Tax funds will be split in Lee County.

      Lee County is now offering the city of Leesburg 12% of lost funds and offering Smithville 6%.

      Both Leesburg and Smithville officials believe the offered amount should increase by one point respectively, making Leesburg TMs share 13% and Smithville TMs share 7% of LOST funds.

      After Monday TMs meeting, the group still didn't come to an agreement about how the money should be split.

      We're closer than we were a week ago. Now we didn't make an agreement today but there's a 60 day negotiation period and we're not even 30 days into that negotiation period and we're closer than we were a week ago, said Rick Muggridge, Lee County Commissioner.

      The Lee County Board of Commissioners hasn TMt set a date for when they'll meet again for negotiations.