Steve Urkel swag prepares students for CRCT

Pep rally organizer Robin Calhoun and her husband Rev. Dr. R.O. Calhoun. / Jessica Fairley

CRCT testing starts Monday and schools across southwest Georgia are gearing up for the challenge. Carver Elementary students got nerdy in preparation for the test.

Students and teachers took the 'Steve Urkel' challenge to show that learning can be fun. While Carver students decked out in costumes, Cox Elementary students in Moultrie dressed up in nerdy gear and wobbled it out during their pep rally.

It was none other than the school's principal leading the pack with the dance.

"It's just a way to get the students de-stressed and focused on having fun and tapping into what they already know," said Dr. Thelma Jackson, Principal of Cox Elementary School.

Although the students were dancing, there was a message in the movement. The 'CRCT Swaggers' found a way to help others prepare for the test.

"They knew their strategies, so they put it in form of a rap and dance which is what they do best," said Robin Calhoun, Instruction Supervisor for Cox Elementary.

Not long into the performance of the song called "CRCT Swag", other students were singing along, not knowing they were taking a crash course for the test.

"If it's to be, it's got to be up to them. I can't do it for them. Mrs. Calhoun can't do it for them. Dr. Jackson can't do it for them. They have to believe in themselves," said Lisa Clark-Hill, Moultrie City Councilwoman.

School officials say the purpose of the rally was to build the students' confidence for the test in a creative way.

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