Staying safe in severe weather

Dougherty County EMS Deputy Director Jim Vaught shares a few tips for staying safe in severe weather. / Todd Bailey

Severe weather cannot be prevented, but we can prepare ourselves for it.

Dougherty County EMS Deputy Director Jim Vaught says "take a few moments to look around outside. You may have old broke trees with heavy limbs across power lines, maybe across your car or house. You want to remove those things so that during the storm, so they don't get heavy with water and break off and fall in and damage your property."

During storms, he adds that "it's a good idea to stay vigilant. Stay informed with television and emergency radio. Don't forget to take the weather sirens and code red alert serious."

The best to be in for serve weather is in an interior room with no windows.

If something happens and people get separated, you should have an idea of where to meet others in your house hold and have a plan for your pets.

Albany Water, Gas, and Light says after a storm to "treat every down power line as if it was live." If you are in a situation like that, call the utilities company and report it."