State Superintendent gives update on Ga School System

State Superintendent Dr. Barge spoke at Albany Tech Thursday. / Sean Streicher

State superintendent, Dr. John Barge, was in Albany Thursday giving a presentation on the state's education system.

Despite seeing $5 billion dollars in cuts to education since 2003, and shortened school years in 2/3's of the school systems across Georgia, students still manage to improve academically.

"Georgia is the only state in the country that saw increases on each and every national assessment that we administer, from 2011 to 2012," said Dr. Barge.

While it's nice to acknowledge the positives, Dr. Barge points out there is always room for improvement, and spoke specifically about decreasing the dropout rate, "a overwhelming number of them drop out because they say that they find high school unrelentingly boring and irrelevant."

The Career Pathway Initiative, which will be implemented in the fall 2013, is designed to help with this problem but identifying students passions and interest early on.

Some school systems like in Dougherty and Mitchell County, are all ready implementing similar programs.

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