State School Superintendent visits DCSS administration

Allen Fort and David Mosley take a picture during the meeting Friday morning. / Rheya Spigner

Republican Candidate for State School Superintendent Allen Fort met up with appointed Interim Dougherty County School Superintendent David Mosley to discuss changes for the Dougherty County School System Friday morning.

Mosley was appointed Interim Superintendent 13 months ago and feels that although changes have been made in the Dougherty County School System, there is still much more to come.

Mosley said, "we had some financial issues early on we had some problems with; the state department, which are over; we had some problems with the feds, in terms of inappropriate spending, and we've had some staff problems we had to work our way through."

Mosley plans to right as many of the wrongs that he can find, which will include changes in DCSS curriculum.

Fort agrees and plans to utilize his core philosophy when it comes to governing and helping children in school. Fort said "we've been caught up in a lot of stuff such as common core, charter schools, TEACH, assessments, this that and the other, which all have their place but we need to realize that school is about teaching and learning."

Fort plans to ultimately use the idea of "teaching and learning" in order to prepare students for their future whether it be for work, or college. Fort adds not everyone is ready or has the financial stability to go to college and plans to emphasize that idea if he were to be elected as state school superintendent.

Mosley says the state department is requiring changes and in the next few month Dougherty County will be making recommendations to the board.

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