State releases CRCT scores

R.D. Harter of Dougherty County School System cites curriculum development as reason for score boost. / Mike Manzoni

The Georgia Department of Education has released this year's CRCT scores, and students performed better than last year.

"Our curriculum department and our administrative leadership have made a concerted effort over the last several years to improve student performance," said R.D. Harter, the public information officer for Dougherty County School System. "Dougherty County has had increases in CRCT scores in some areas over the last ten years."

"We have done real well in math this year," he said, noting, "math has been the focus of our curriculum department for a number of years."

Of the five counties in the Metro Albany area, Lee County students performed the best while Baker County students fared the worst.

Individual county results will be available in July.