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      State department of education expects scoring delays on new testing

      FOX 31 has been working to learn more about the new standardized testing scheduled to replace the CRCT and EOCT tests.

      We asked the Georgia Department of Education about delays when it comes to scoring for the Georgia Milestones exams. Previously, tests were fully multiple choice and graded using machines. The new testing will include open-ended items where students will write out some responses.

      A representative from the Georgia DOE says schools will not test at the same time and there will be a team of people to score the written responses.

      "Only those who meet specific scoring qualifications will score student responses," DOE Director of Communications Matt Cardoza said.

      Cardoza says there will be a delay in the scoring of open-ended items but they don't know yet how long that delay will be.

      "We do not anticipate long delays after the first year but we know we won't be able to report as quickly as we have in the past," Cardoza said.