State and school team against drunk driving

State officials come to Albany to address drunk driving. / MGN Online

In conjunction with Teen Driver Safety Week, it's also National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week.

Officials with the Governor's Office of Highway Safety teamed with Albany State University educators Wednesday to spread a message against alcohol and driving.

State leaders say there has been an increase in DUI's among college students.

Highway safety officials say students have to understand that one DUI on their record could change their life forever.

"As a result of that you may not be able to be a teacher, you may not be able to be a law enforcement officer, you may not get into the military, and you may not go to law school. Any of those things may prohibit you from moving ahead in those careers," said Harris Blackwood, Public Relations Director for the Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

Blackwood says for anyone under the of 21, anything above point 0.2 is considered a DUI.

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