'Stash the Trash' kicks off in Albany

A record number of volunteers have volunteered this weekend to help clean up litter in Albany. The 'stash the trash' event got support this morning by some big names in Dougherty County.

At first it seemed to be an intimidating sight; a small army of people marching downtown armed with their weapons. But they weren't looking to pick fights; they were looking to pick up trash.

"I care about Albany and I want it to look the best that it can look," said Rozanne Braswell.

The movement was organized by the Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful organization.

"Our community has really bought into this and this program and they care," said KADB director Judy Bowles.

This wasn't just any group of volunteers.

"This is the government team. We've got commissioners and county commissioner chairman and employees from every department in the city and the county," said Bowles.

"It's wonderful, this is an event that shows how much the city cares and how much the population around Albany cares," said Downtown manager Aaron Blair.

"We're trying to set a good example for the city of Albany and for the citizens to keep the city beautiful, to keep the county beautiful, to pick up trash and not to throw trash on the ground," said Geneva Fields.

About 100 people volunteered Friday morning but that's nothing compared to what is planned for Saturday, with more than 2,700 people signed up to help pick up trash throughout the city.

And if you want to get in on that action it's not too late. To sign up call the Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful office at (229) 430-5257