Starbucks coffee cravers get ready for longer drive

Starbucks customers could be looping around to get their coffee fix. / Matt Prichard

After months of construction and planning, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital is ready to open a new entrance and traffic pattern to their Meredyth Drive campus.

"When we started planning for the new building, we realized there was going to be a need for increased circulation around the campus. So we developed these boulevards, which are just about finished, in an effort to improve the circulation around the campus," said Director of Construction David Smith.

But besides easier driving patterns the new entrance will also provide a safer area for patients headed in and out of the facility.

"The two drives are in close proximity to each other, the current Starbucks entrance and the new boulevard entrance and so that creates a safety hazard as far as when you're in a vehicle," said Smith.

And although the new entrance will solve traffic problems, the question now is will it deter Starbucks customers from getting their caffeine fix?

"Absolutely I will still come, I mean the coffee is still going to be the same taste," said Starbucks customer Erik Pehrsson.

"Absolutely! I tell you, I'm a Starbucks fan, I love Starbucks, and I'll be more than willing to take the extra ride to come here," said Starbucks customer Henry Coleman.

The new entrance is expected to open this Saturday, with the old Starbucks entrance permanently closing.