Standing room only crowd leads to change in venue for second school board meeting

DCSS Public Information Officer RD Harter has announced that the meeting will now be held at the City-County Government Building located at 222 Pine Avenue in the commission meeting room.
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Dougherty County school officials have changed the location for the second public hearing concerning the possible closer of three schools.

The next meeting will start at 12:00 PM at the Government Building located at 222 Pine Avenue.

The hearing has been moved due to an overflow crowd at the first hearing that was held Monday at the Dougherty County School Board.

So many people attended the meeting that many had to stand in the hallway.

By moving the hearing, officials hope to provide comfort to those who attend.

Anyone who wants to address the board can register in advance at the superintendent's office or sign up before the meeting begins at 12:00 PM.

Eric Bosman, a consultant hired by the school board, will provide a brief presentation about the proposal. The proposal will be posted on the school system's website Wednesday morning for anyone who wants to review the information about the possible school closures.

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