Stakeholders discuss possible career academy

Russ Moore hands out papers at Tuesday's meeting / Ashley Knight

A group of community stake holders met to discuss the possibility of a college and career academy in Albany.

The charter school would be included in the public school system and all students would be able to attend in addition to their zoned high school.

The system would work as a sort of dual-enrollment for students to get the feel for a college work load.

Speaker Russ Moore says it's something Albany could benefit from.

"Oh, excellent results, of course there is a model school for this entire process in Newnan, Georgia, in Coweta County. And that one school alone has seen its dropout rates plummet and seen its graduation rates, frankly, soar," said Moore, with Seamless Education Associates, Inc.

The next meeting will be held at the Bridgehouse at noon the last Tuesday of July.

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