St. Theresa students pie teachers for good cause

A St. Theresa student winds up to hit his teacher with a pie. / Jessica Fairley

In honor of Pi Day, March 14th, St. Theresa's students had the opportunity to slap teachers and their principal in the face with pie, all for a good cause.

In conjunction with Pi Day, the school collected more than 1,400 canned goods and other non-perishable items for those in need.

Any classroom that brought in 314 cans could pie the principal and if they brought in half that amount, they could pie their teacher.

A total of seven teachers were hit in face with the whip cream pies.

Not only did the students help out those in need but they also learned from the experience.

"We had math activities going on in the classrooms the whole time all having to do with the circle right from pre-k up through eighth grade. So that was one motivation," said Mary Lou Gamache, St. Theresa's School Principal.

Principal Gamache was pied in the face by the school's kindergarten class who collected 315 cans for the food drive.

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