Squirrel shooter charged after school lockdown

A man has been arrested in connection to a lockdown at a Ben Hill County school. / MGN Online

A Ben Hill County man has been arrested after shooting a gun and causing a lockdown at the Ben Hill County Elementary School.

John Haggard has been booked into the Ben Hill County Jail and charged with reckless misconduct.

Wednesday morning a teacher on the Ben Hill County Elementary School campus heard gun shots in the school parking lot. Sheriff's officials say the woman believed someone was shooting at her.

The school was placed under lockdown for about 20 minutes until police found out the source of the gunshots.

After an investigation, police discovered that John Haggard was squirrel hunting near the school when one of his bullets ricocheted into the school's parking lot.

Haggard was arrested for shooting to close to a school zone. His charge is considered a misdemeanor.