Spreading the word about the Marines

Photo Credit: Romney Smith

The Public Affairs Office at the Marine Corps Logistics Base exists to communicate the base's story to the Southwest Georgia community, military, and the world.

MCLB Public Affairs Specialist Marti Gatlin says the office is in charge of the communication within and about the base. "We feel it's really important to tell the Marine Corps story. The marines here have a very important job and we want to make sure the public understands what they do" says Gatlin.

The purpose of the office is to keep all marines, Department of defense employees, and the southwest community in the loop, which is no easy feat according to 1st. Lt. Kyle Thomas, the Deputy Public Affairs Officer. "So it's really important for us to engage the media and have the media tell the story or at least our side of the story depending on what that is. Because that's what people see, that's what people look at" says Thomas.

That communication comes in multiple formats like email, phone, the paper, news reports, and social media. Base officials say for safety reasons they can't disclose everything that happens on base. "We don't give out information about how many military working dogs we have on base or how many police officers we have, or marines or precise times when marines are moving because that's information that potential enemies can use against us" says Thomas.

In addition to their regular responsibilities MCLB Editor Nathan Hanks works with the staff to produce a weekly paper called 'The Emblem'. "We publish about 3,000 here on base and they're distributed throughout the base and at various locations. We have various locations out in town as well, about 500 are distributed out in town" says Hanks.

The base has lots of marines and sailors who like to spend their free time in the community, in the color guard, and more, so Pamela Jackson is their Community Relations Specialist to help organize it all. "I'm responsible for coordinating all the volunteers, for marines to go out and do everything from the senior citizens prom, to the snickers marathon, they just volunteer in any capacity they can legally volunteer in" says Jackson.

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