Spouses on base get help while marines transition to civilian life

The T.A.M.P. program is requires for all marines transitioning into civilian life. However the Family and Marine Services Office also help the entire family unit during this transition.

Robin Gray, an MCLB Transition Counselor says it makes perfect sense that the Marine Corps help the spouse of a transitioning marine. "Life is more than the job, you have family. You have housing and all those things we have to take into consideration" says Gray.

The center offers husbands and wives of marines' access to resources in order to ease the transition into a regular life. "With a military spouse who travels with her husband, every three years they pick up and move. So that means every 3 years a new job has to be sought. So we offer the services to help them acclimate themselves into a new duty station" says Gray. During a transition out of the military they help with everything from recommending movers, school, finding a new job, and more.

If the child in the family is nervous about a non-military lifestyle, they have resources for that as well. "We have excellent staff of counselors that we have on staff that are able to relate to children and we also have referral services. And our title states family and marine services so we are all about the families" says Gray.

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