Spotted on a late-night stroll

Photo Credit: File

The last thing anyone expects to see at 2:00 a.m. in the morning is a three-year-old walking alone close to a dangerous highway, but that's exactly what happened to Cecilia Jenkins early Thursday morning.

Jenkins was out for a midnight snack when her son noticed a three-year-old child standing on the sidewalk at the corner of Radium Springs and Oakridge Drive.

She says the child was about to try and cross the intersection.

"It's Thursday night, people are drinking and coming and going to clubs. It could've been a fatality," said Cecilia Jenkins, owner of Little Learners Academy.

Jenkins immediately drove over to the child, checking for injuries while calling for police. She says fortunately the little girl's language skills were developed enough to point police in the direction of her home, which was almost a mile away.

Police cars arrived and began surveying the area.

"Within that perimeter, they began knocking on doors to try and determine where the child came from and if they could locate a parent or a relative," said Phyllis Banks, Albany Police Department Public Information Officer.

The curious toddler was returned to her parents. Her mother, Lawanda Henderson, says the entire family was asleep when the child left the home and they don't know how she got out.

Albany police officials say make sure to check on children throughout the night and make sure all of the doors of the home are locked.

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