Speeding cars drive commissioners to action

Speeding drivers cause residents to seek action. / Jessica Fairley

Homeowners in one Albany neighborhood are breathing a sigh of relief after Albany city commissioners voted to put multiple stop signs on their street.

After seeing cars ignore the speed limit time and time again, Country Club Estates homeowners were fed up.

"We could have a tragedy where a kid could get ran over out there in that area," said Bob Hutchinson, President of the Country Club Estates Homeowners Association.

Homeowners thought about requesting that speed bumps be placed in the area but a survey would have to prove that 60 percent of Gleneagles Drive commuters regularly speed through the neighborhood.

"It's difficult because most of the people who live there don't speed but there were a few juveniles that were driving through and just using it as a cut through. They didn't even live there," said Roger Marietta, Albany Commissioner.

When homeowners brought the issue to Commissioner Marietta's attention; they then sought help from police. Officers with radar guns were placed in the residential area to monitor the issue.

Now that commissioners have voted to place stop signs along Gleneagles Drive and several side streets, homeowners are waiting for results.

"We're hoping that by putting the three-way stop sign, if the folks go through those stop signs, they can write tickets for them running the stop signs," said Bob Hutchinson.

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