Speed partnering at Albany Civic Center

Local small businesses met with state and federal agencies in a speed partnering event Tuesday

And let the speed partnering begin!

Local, state and federal agencies all met under one roof Tuesday. The Albany Civic Center played host to a new kind of networking event. Similar to speed dating, speed partnering involves local small businesses pairing up with state and federal agencies who are in charge of purchasing for the state of Georgia. The idea is to find an ideal match.

Folks on both sides of the table found what they were looking for. Latoya Cutts with the Department of Economic Development say it benefits the City of Albany as well.

"Because the more access that these businesses have to these opportunities to do business with local, state and federal agencies, then of course they're able to grow their businesses and, number one, to be able to create jobs and that of course boosts the economy," Said Cutts.

Women who are owners of small businesses stand to gain a lot too. Federal government is paying close attention to women-owned small businesses, providing a way for them to get certified and getting a boost in the bidding process.

Over 150 vendors participated in Tuesday's event, which featured the city partnering with Georgia Tech. They are considering holding more events like this in the future.

If you are interested in getting certified for a women-owned small business, you can register online through the General Service Administration's website,