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      Specifics on Roderick Jolivette's arrest

      As we first reported Saturday morning on our website,, former Albany Assistant Fire Chief Roderick Jolivette was arrested early Saturday morning after warrants were issued for his arrest Friday night.

      Jolivette was reportedly pulled over for speeding near Columbus, and allegedly told the officer he worked for the Dougherty County Sheriff TMs Office. The officer let Jolivette go, but when the Chattahoochee County Sheriff called Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul, Sproul told him that Jolivette did not work for the Dougherty County Sheriff TMs Office. Meanwhile Jolivette was fired in April for misusing city equipment, but was reinstated in June with a demotion.

      Just after 2 a.m. Saturday morning, the Dougherty County Sheriff TMs Department arrested Roderick Jolivette in the 1200 block of Habersham Road at a relative TMs house.

      The demoted Albany firefighter was charged with impersonating a police officer and giving false information.

      After the arrest, Jolivette TMs stay in Albany wasn TMt long says Dougherty County Sheriff TMs Department TMs Captain Craig Dodd.

      He was placed in a patrol vehicle and transported to a pre-designated point to meet with the Chattahoochee County Sheriff TMs Department where he was transferred to their custody, said Dodd.

      City Manager Al Lott reinstated Jolivette in June with a demotion. The reinstatement included a 90-day probation period which Jolivette is still under. FOX 31 News spoke with Al Lott Saturday morning, but he didn TMt have much to say.

      As of right now I can TMt predict if we will do something. If we do anything I will let you know. I have no comment because it TMs a personnel matter, said Lott.

      Editor's Note: Information for the story was provided by the Dougherty County Sheriff's Department.