Specialists say diabetics don't have to have limited diet

Certified Diabetes Educators say turkey is not only healthy for those with diabetes but also high cholesterol

Phoebe Putney wants people with diabetes to know: You can have your cake and eat it too, even during the holiday season.

The hospital put together a food sampling this evening of goodies safe for diabetics to eat. Items served included broccoli dip, turkey meatballs and a crustless pumpkin pie.

Specialists at the hospital say the key is modifying recipes.

"It's just changing some of those ingredients, like we use fat free cream cheese or light mayonnaise. We use a lot of the artificial sweeteners. Just modifying some of those ingredients to reduce carbohydrates and calories," says Certified Diabetes Educator Heather O'Connor.

O'Connor says the number one question she's asked is, "What can I eat?" She says there is not a lot that diabetics can't eat. O'Connor says those with diabetics just need to watch portion control and how the food is prepared.

Those who attended the food sampling were able to take home a book with the recipes Phoebe specialists cooked.