Special Report: Driven to Drink, Part 1: Would you stop a drunk driver?

Imagine you're out shopping and you see a drunk person trying to get in their car.

Would you try to stop them? Would you call police? Or would you keep walking?

We tested our theories at a few locations in Albany and Lee County to see what people would do if they saw a man drunk and about to drive.

We asked a friend and local psychologist, Ron McGhee to "pretend" to be drunk. Walking out of places like the mall, Winn Dixie, and Publix, he stumbles and fumbles with his keys. At first, no one moves to stop him.

"Did not have as many citizens, there weren't as many people walking around, so they don't feel comfortable stopping somebody, a stranger, who is acting bizarre," Said McGhee.

But watch what happens in a parking lot full of passers-by. Ron gets a different reaction.

Take our poll, and then tell us why you chose the answer you did in the comment field below.