Spay and neuter your pets

Spay/neuter assistance program / Mike Morrison

They are cute and cuddly and they make great pets but here is Southwest Georgia like in many places across the country we are faced with a cat overpopulation problem. The Albany Humane Society deals with this issue every day but we as pet owners have to do our part to reduce the numbers of cats roaming our neighborhoods. The first thing we should do as pet owners to help out overpopulation is to have our pets fixed.

Donna Strickland: Spay neuter is the answer. Spay neuter is the only answer to the pet overpopulation, and not just with cats, dogs as well.

And the Albany Humane Society has a spay and neuter assistance program made possible by the Sunshine Fund to help make that happen

Donna Strickland: Anybody's welcome to apply for that program that lives in Dougherty County right now. It's a $40 voucher fee so for $40 we will issue you a voucher and you can get your pet spayed or neutered.

You can apply for this program by contacting the Albany Humane Society and help reduce the two thousand plus cats that come to this shelter every year.

Donna Strickland: Nearly 2000 cats came into this shelter right here out of Dougherty County last year and its sad to say but only about 100 were adopted.

Only one out of 25 cats that come into this shelter are going to find a home the rest are euthanized which is the least desirable answer to this overpopulation problem.

We cannot kill our way out of this problem. It hasn't worked in 15 years.

All of the cats up for adoption at the Albany Humane Society can make great pets and adopting from shelters makes sense not only for the animal but for your wallet.

It's a good deal. Because if you come and adopt its already spayed/neutered it's got all of its vaccines its rabies shot and it's fully vetted for the first year.

These are just a couple of ways the humane society is trying to help with this problem.

Whether you adopt from the shelter saving a life and vet costs or apply for the $40 spay or neuter voucher, the price is definitely right and as Bob Barker says "have you pets spayed or neutered" and Bob is right about that. For this week's Go Green I'm Mike Morrison FOX 31 News.