SOWEGA students get active for votes

Hamilton Elementary children cheer for votes. / Jessica Fairley

Northside Primary in Tifton and Hamilton Elementary in Hartsfield have taken on the 2012 Healthy School Makeover challenge.

When educators at Hamilton Elementary found out they could win $45,000 in products and services from one of the nation's top physical education organizations, they gathered the students and got involved.

"They were so excited when they found out we were going to make a video. We've never made a video before so they were anxious," said Pat Carroll, Hamilton Elementary 4th grade Teacher.

During her research, the 4th grade teacher discovered that Georgia ranks 17th in the nation for obesity and 23 percent of children statewide are overweight.

"We thought this would be a good chance to get the kids to learn a healthy lifestyle at a young age," said Pat Carroll.

This was all while implementing new core curriculum standards set by the Georgia Department of Education, which includes technology.

"They did some video streaming themselves and they did some research," said Brenda Demott, Principal of Hamilton Elementary.

For Scott the contest was a way to get the kids involved in their studies while giving them control of their health.

They were having such a great time doing it. It was like the focus was just not on a book and doing something out of a textbook or a lesson they had to do," said Scott.

Now that the video has been submitted, the kids are asking the community to vote.

If you would like to help the schools, log onto the healthy school makeover website and cast your vote.
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