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      SOWEGA Council on Aging hit with another round of cuts

      For the third time this year, the SOWEGA Council on Aging is hit with another round of cuts.Kay Hind, the Executive Director, says because of sequestration the organization has received another round of cuts that add up to more than $300,000 and found out about the cut last week.She says this is the most cuts she's seen in one year since she's been with the Council in Aging and that the organization is currently itemizing how the loss of funds will be distributed.The SOWEGA Council on Aging has already undergone two rounds of sequestration cuts and cuts because of census data.This has caused the agency to make changes. As some people leave the company, those positions aren't being filled to accommodate for a loss of funds and employee healthcare has been dropped.Out of all the programs affected, Hind says the Meals on Wheels program may be hit the hardest. She says, with this set of budget cuts, many programs are losing somewhere close to $60,000.These budget adjustments must be made for the current fiscal year, leaving only seven months to spread out the loss.

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