Southwest Georgia's top ghost hunting destinations

Ben Lansford stands outside 7 Churches on Hardup Road, one of Albany's most haunted spots. / Doug Reardon

If you're looking for a new activity to really amp up the "scary" for your Halloween this year, try ghost hunting!

Albany and Southwest Georgia have some fantastic spots to catch some ghostly sights. Local ghost hunter Ben Lansford recommends Seven Churches on Hardup Road, the old Turner Naval Hospital, or the old Nike Missile Base behind the Anchorage.

Ben also shared some helpful tips for ghost hunting first-timers. He says to "never ghost hunt alone. Many of the top ghost hunting destinations are in remote places, without cell reception or main roads nearby. Because of this, it is important to hunt with a partner in case of emergency â" ghost related or otherwise."

Along with that, Ben strongly recommends that you always seek out permission before entering onto a ghost hunting location. Many of these places are crawling with spirits, but also happen to be private property. So before embarking on a search, make sure you get permission from local officials or employees of the grounds you plan to hunt on.

Other than that, Ben says have fun. We saw and heard some ghostly things on our adventure, and with the right luck and a sharp pair of eyes, you will too. So be safe, keep your eyes peeled, and happy ghost hunting! That is, if you dareâ|!

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