Southwest Georgians weigh in on health care debate

As democrats and republicans go back and forth on health care reform, southwest Georgians are weighing in on how the legislation will affect you.

Cafà 230 Owner BJ Fletcher says it won't divide her and her staff even though she admits she's concerned about the proposed bill.

"We've got 13 people here working today. We hired nine during the week and with all due reality if this health care passes, there's a possibility we could be losing 30, 40 percent of those people just to pay for the health care," Fletcher said.

Albany's Tim McClelland says he supports reform.

"Hospital bills go sky high. Prescriptions are high. For someone who can't find a job around here, it's basically going out of pocket," said McClelland.

Tell us what you think of health care reform in the comments section below.

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