Southwest Georgia West Nile Count now at 5

4 new cases of West Nile have been confirmed this week. / FOX 31

The total number of West Nile Viruses cases in Southwest Georgia now stands at 5 after 4 new cases were confirmed this week.

There is not cure or vaccine for this virus, leaving prevention as the only way of stopping it from spreading.

Experts recommend trying to avoid going outside in the morning and late afternoon and those are peek mosquito times. If you have to go outside wear bug spray or long sleeves.

It's also important to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds says Southwest Georgia Public Health's , Brenda Greene, "Things that we wouldn't think about would simply be even your pet watering bowl those should be emptied at least twice a week, same thing for birdbaths. It's been so very very hot a lot of kids might have those little plastic swimming pools out in the yard, those need to be emptied."

Mosquitoes are also known to breed in high grass, so it's important to keep you lawn at a reasonable height.