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      Southwest Georgia struggles to produce jobs

      It's bad news for Albany on the unemployment front. The unemployment rate has increased, a trend that can also be seen across Southwest Georgia.

      Katana Jackson, like many other people in Southwest Georgia, is looking for a job.

      For the past six months, this single mother of two has been without work.

      Katana Jackson says, "it's very frustrating when you're use to making money on a regular basis and you're used to providing for your family and not having a stable income is not a good thing."

      She says with the new school year right around the corner she's worrying even more.

      "Money is a main issue. you have to pay for clothes, food, after school activities," said Jackson.

      On Thursday, the Department of Labor announced the unemployment rate for June increased to 9.9 percent, up from 9.1 percent in May.

      Georgia Department of Labor Commissioner Mark Butler says, "they need to be taking advantage of any kind of situation where they can get any additional training to make that resume look better."

      He adds that one of the main factors contributing to the unemployment spike is workers re-learning their job.

      "A lot of different industries that are starting to hire again, they've re-tooled come up with new technologies and a lot of the individuals who used to work in those jobs don't have the updated skills," said Butler.

      Skills that Butler says can only be gained with time and patience.

      As for Jackson, she says she won't let her struggle become her life long reality.

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