Southwest Georgia Regional Airport turns into training site

Officials say the training went very well

Local law enforcement and emergency agencies teamed up with the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport today for training.

Emergency responders rushed to the Albany airport for a mock plane crash. The FAA requires the airport to host these test emergencies every three years. This one began with a diverted plane having to make an emergency landing. The plane then crashes on the runway leaving passengers injured and deceased.

Police, firefighters, and EMT's all worked to together to help the injured. Officials say the training is all about learning to work together.

From 3rd degree burns to spinal cord injuries, responders had to treat a variety of wounds. Emergency Management Officials Jim Vaught says everything went well. "We've had a good turnout from all participants the students did a good job playing the roles of the victims and it gave some good quality training time to public safety personnel," says Vaught.

Both local hospitals also participated in the mock crash.

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