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      Southwest Georgia is "Making a Difference" in hunger

      USA Weekends, "National Make a Difference Day" had people showing up to Second Harvest Food Bank of South Georgia this morning to do just that, make a difference.

      What we're doing today is building food boxes that are going to the community, to be distributed through agencies through November and December, said Jim case of Second Harvest.

      Organizations ranging from motor cycle clubs, church groups, national retail stores, and schools, were on hand donating their time.

      Working as a team, groups formed assembly lines to package 3000 boxes of food in just 3 hours.Although everyone is there to give back, some organizations, like the boys and girls club, use it as a chance to teach their kids about charity work.

      We're basically giving the kids the opportunity to basically say, somebody actually gave them something one day, they actually have a chance to give it back, said Lonnie Dixon, a director at the Boys and Girls Club.

      Each box of food can feed a family of four up to a week, something officials hope will make a difference.