Southwest Georgia gets cultured at Flint Fest 2

People watch international performances on one of the stages at Flint Fest 2 / Colby Gallagher

Southwest Georgians had the opportunity to learn about different cultures at the second annual Flint Fest, a day full of music, food and various activities at Riverfront Park.

"Flint Fest is an opportunity for us to celebrate the cultures that we have in Albany with our international performances as well as the variety of music we have available and the food vendors," said Jenny Collins of the Albany Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

For only $5, people could enjoy live performances by musicians and international groups, try different foods, and browse through dozens of vendor tables at Riverfront Park. Downtown Albany and the Convention and Visitor's Bureau partnered with local clubs to organize the event they say showcases the many talents of our community.

"We have a lot of local artists, a lot of musicians and just a lot of local talent so anything they can do to embrace all of that, it's very important for our city to continue to grow," said Albany Downtown Manager, Aaron Blair.

Blair says Albany prides itself on being diverse and this event is an example of just how varied our community members are. Others say it's not only a way to introduce community members to new things but to their own neighbors as well.

"Just be out and get to know each other and we always want to have opportunities to get to know our neighbors," said Collins.

And it's never too early or late to get started; Organizers say no matter what your age, sex or background, everyone can enjoy the festivities of today and embrace all the different cultures.

"It's a perfect opportunity for your family just to come hang out as a family and listen to music and just eat good food and stuff like that," said Blair.

Blair says as long as both the people who participated and those who came out had a good time, it was a success no matter what the turnout.

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