Southwest Georgia braces for more heavy rain

Water is drained from one of Albany's holding ponds. / Jessica Fairley

Local officials are preparing for another bout of heavy rain. The National Weather Service is predicting six inches of rain to fall over the weekend.

Dougherty County Public Works officials are draining local holding ponds to make room for excess water that runs off the roads.

"We started pumping water in our holding ponds during the last rain event and we haven't stopped pumping yet," said Chuck Mathis, Dougherty County Public Works. Emergency Management officials say holding ponds are a good help in normal situations but when there is more rain than the pond can hold, it becomes a problem.

In this case, he says families need to have a plan in place.

"We always tell people to have a plan where they sit down with their family and know what they're going to do during an emergency. Have routes of evacuation. Have a place that they can meet later on if they get separated," said Jim Vaught, Albany-Dougherty County Emergency Management Director.

While officials prepare for heavy rains, they say southwest Georgia's low river levels may help keep waters low during times of heavy rain.

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